Download free Tainted – Julie Kenner

Tainted – Julie Kenner
View our feature on Julie Kenner’s Tainted. Lily Carlyle has lied, cheated, and stolen her way through life. But in death, she’ll really get to be bad… When her little sister is brutalized, a vengeful Lily determines to exact her own justice. She succeeds at the cost of her own life, but as she lies dying, she is given a...

Download free Lady of Misrule – T.A. Pratt

Lady of Misrule – T.A. Pratt
Marla awakens for her month on Earth and finds her allies missing, and an old enemy causing trouble in her home city of Felport, where Marla once ruled as chief sorcerer. Meanwhile, a rather charming gentlemen who happens to be a monstrous exile from beyond our multiverse has decided that murdering gods might be a fun pastime, and he...

Download free About a Dragon – G.A. Aiken

About a Dragon – G.A. Aiken
For Nolwenn witch Talaith, a bad day begins with being dragged from bed by an angry mob intent on her crispy end and culminates in rescue by-wait for it-a silver-maned dragon. Existence as a hated outcast is nothing new for a woman with such powerful secrets. The dragon, though? A tad unusual. This one has a human form to die for, and...
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